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For over 15 years, the founder of ACT and partners have been supporting, mentoring & building relationship with the orphans in Tijuana, Mexico.  Each month we spend an entire day with the children at Casa Hogar Belen Orphanage.  Our main objective for the visits is to build relationships with each child and support them physically, spiritually and emotionally.  However, our experience has amplified the reality that most of the children that age out of their homes have dismal chances of success. Many are trafficked and perpetuate the cycles of their parents, drug addiction and teenage pregnancy.  Despite these significant challenges, these beautiful young people have demonstrated resilient determination and courage and that is why ACT exists.

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Over the past 5 years we made a paradigm shift by seeking out local churches, entrepreneurs, sponsors and educators both in Tijuana and California, like-minded individuals with the vision and mission of providing transitional support systems to youths aging out of the orphan care system, which would empower them to a life of self-sufficiency and stability.  In order to empower these entities to care for these vulnerable youths,  ACT seeks to provide needed resources, biblical counseling, mentoring and training in life skills, group saving, vocational and career training.

Home: Who We Are


Goal 1:  to help every orphan child find a family of their own, by working alongside local churches which empower their members to care for the orphans in their community.
Goal 2:  to assist and prepare the aging out youth for lifetime independence and stability through programs which include Spiritual Mentoring, Life Skills Training, Vocational & Career Development, Transitional Housing.

Home: Who We Are
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  1. Spiritual Mentoring:  connect each youth to a mentor(s) from the partnering church who will provide spiritual guidance and accountability.  ACT will seek to recruit mature mentors who can positively influence, engage and encourage the teens.   

  2. Life Skills Training: host training programs such as financial saving groups, health and personal development, self-management, social skills etc. These classes will be taught by local volunteer educators, entrepreneurs and sponsors.

  3. Vocational & Career Development:  provide annual tuition scholarship between $200 to $1000 to youths who want to pursue their education but face financial challenges.  Eligibility requirements is a minimum of “C” average and proven track record of commitment to the pursuit of education. Assist with job searches and career mapping.

  4. Transitional Housing: provide partial housing assistance for a period of one to two years with specific requirements: i) safe families which provide rental rooms with little or no charge ii) sharing of living space with other candidates.  The average rental assistance will be $100 per month.

Home: Who We Are
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"For just as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without actions is also dead."

James 2:26

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