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Dear ACT,

    Through this letter I want to let you know that I am very happy and grateful for all the support you have given me to this day. Things happen for a reason and it is a great blessing that you have come to offer me your support. Since I was little I have known Frank and Mandy, they have played the role of parents for me and the children at Casa Hogar Belén. They always helped support our well-being and education. The support and encouragement we received would not be possible without the support of each ACT supporter!

I personally thank you for having been there in my most difficult moments, because you were present when my illness began, I went to many specialists to perform tests and receive the medications I needed. With the help from all of you, I was able to cover my medical expenses. There was a time when I could not take care of myself, as a result of my illness I was paralyzed without being able to move, this caused me to not be able to work, I could not pay the rent where I was living, nor could I buy food and for this, I am grateful that you have not abandoned me throughout the process of my illness.

Currently, I am under treatment, I have to go to a hospital every 6 weeks to receive my injection medicine so as not to relapse again and I will need to do this to manage my illness for life and thankfully I feel much better. With this improvement, I was able to study a technical career in Import - Export which I finished and obtained my degree. The time I spent with ACT volunteers has taught me many life lessons and I gained a great capacity to discover myself.  I now volunteer with ACT. Being able to help those in need makes me feel proud and satisfied, I learned to be a better person and love God more because of you who instilled in me so many values.

To conclude, I appreciate the noble heart you have, I hope you can continue helping more children, if you give me the opportunity to support you, I will gladly be willing to help and make the children feel as loved as you made me feel. Without further ado, thank you all very much for many years of support given to me.


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